Halesowen Church of England School
Halesowen Church of England School was built as a National School in 1838. The original plans are preserved at Dudley Archives. The architects were Arthur R. & J. Burr, who lived at nearby Bundle Hill and were the owners of considerable industrial and domestic property in Halesowen.

The foundation stone of the National School was laid 28 June 1838 and the building was finished in August that year. A house for the headmaster was completed in 1844 to the designs of Smalman Smith, architect, Stourbridge. In 1859, a large extension was commenced, again to the designs of Smalman Smith. The plans are also at Dudley Archives. The Brierley Hill Advertiser included the following report on 5 November 1859:

Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Infant Schools
The interesting ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the New Infant Schools, now in course of erection in close proximity to the present National Schools, took place on Thursday afternoon under very auspicious circumstances. The erection of these schools, which has been entrusted to the superintendence of Mr Smalman Smith, architect of Stourbridge, have been rendered necessary by the present inadequate accommodation for the large number of children at present requiring instruction. There is a spacious boys?and girls?school well filled with scholars now in existence, but they are found insufficient in extent, and the new building has therefore been added as an infant school, thus allowing a more extended space for the instruction of senior scholars. The building will be of brick, adjoining the present schools and will be in keeping with the rest of the schools. Mr Pagett of Brettell Lane is the builder. There ceremony of laying the corner stone of the building was witnessed by a large number of the principal clergy and gentry of the neighbourhood. A temporary platform was erected for the accommodation of the principal visitors, amongst whom were the Venerable Archdeacon Hone, and Mrs Hone, Rev. A Kempson, curate...

The earliest Log Book for the Halesowen National School is preserved at Dudley Archives: The following is a brief abstract of its contents:

Boys School Log Book Vol I, 1862-1894

1 Dec 1862
135 boys assembled

5 Dec 1862
Average attendance for week 136

Jan 1863
Summary of Inspector�s Report on School

Discipline and fitness for training apprentices good. Religious knowledge fairly good. Writing and drawing fair. In the individual examination 96 were presented of whom 86 passed in reading, 73 in dictation, 54 in arithmetic

18 July 1864
The following report was received from the Privy Council Office. Boys. The discipline, instruction and general efficiency are good. The religious knowledge is pretty good. The exercises in dictation and arithmetic worked by the Fifth Standard are excellent. The Copy Heads set to the lower classes are not very carefully graduated.

14 July 1865
The following report was received from the Privy Council Office. Boys. The order of the School is good. In religious knowledge the boys passed on the whole a satisfactory examination. The reading generally is good, the writing very fair. About 40 per cent, chiefly boys in the lower classes have failed in arithmetic. Under a master of Mr Fox�s ability, I think more progress in regards to this subject should be made. The help of an assistant master is much wanted.
22 Jan 1866    
Thomas Fox Certificated Teacher 2/1  
T J Neath  )    
Samuel Bryant  ) Pupil Teachers  
20 Dec 1866    
Thomas John Neath completed his term of apprenticeship as Pupil Teacher in this School.
4 Mar 1867    
Mr Moses Rose entered upon the duties of Assistant Master in this School.
13 June 1867    
Thomas Fox Master Class 2/1
Moses Rose Assistant Master  
Samuel Bryant Pupil Teacher  
12 June 1868    
Thomas Fox Master Class 2/1
Moses Rose Assistant Master  
Samuel Bryant 3 Pupil Teacher  
10 June 1869    
Thomas Fox Master  
Moses Rose Assistant Master  
Samuel Bryant 4 Pupil Teacher  
3 Aug 1869    
Halesowen National School. Boys.  
This is a very large and well conducted school. The drill, which is very good, has had an excellent effect on the order, and both Mr Fox and those who help him have evidently worked hard with the teaching. The result of the examination both in the higher and in the elementary subjects has been satisfactory.
Night. A very fair night school has been established, which is taught by Mr Fox and the Assistant, a lady and other volunteer teachers also assist. The scholars are very orderly and attentive and have made considerable progress. There are very few scholars at present in the upper standards.
  ) Arithmetic  
Samuel Bryant ) Grammar and  
  ) Religious Knowledge  
He should be warned to improve.  
24 Sept 1869    
Mr Moses Rose ceased to be Assistant Master in this School.
30 Sept 1869    
Mr T. Hughes entered upon the duties of Assistant Master.
17 June 1870    
Thomas Fox Master Certificate 2/1  
Thomas Hughes Assistant  
John Smith Pupil Teacher  
26 June 1871    
John Smith pupil teacher absent to attend examination at Stourbridge.
29 July 1871    
The School is in a good condition as to discipline and in a very fair state of general efficiency...
Night School. The night school is still kept up and does good but with so large a manufacturing population which must need such an institution the attendance ought to be larger...
21 Dec 1871    
Mr Thomas Hughes ceased to fill the office of Assistant Teacher in this School.
3 Feb 1872    
Mr Isaac Cartwright entered into the duties of Assistant Master in this School.
Boys School. The School has made very considerable progress in instruction during the year, but it is in a less satisfactory state in point of discipline. Too much talking and copying are allowed. Three or four pupil teachers would be found I think more useful staff than an assistant master and one pupil teacher.
Thomas Fox Certified Teacher of the Class
Isaac Cartwright Assistant Teacher  
John Smith Pupil Teacher 5th Year  
13 July 1874    
Mr Isaac Cartwright this day resigns the office of Assistant Teacher in this School.
23 July 1874    
Mr Wm Leighton entered upon the duties of Assistant Master in this School.
27 July 1874    
Boys School.    
The condition of the school is fair on the whole but less satisfactory than it was a year ago. I regret to have again to complain of the talking and copying?The grant to the Boys School will have to be reduced (article 32b) next year for defective discipline if H.M. Inspector has to renew the complaints about talking and copying.

John Smith is now qualified under the articles 60 and 79. His teaching wants energy.
14 Dec 1874    
Mr Leighton and J. Smith absent from School to attend the examinations for scholarships at Saltley.
23 Dec 1874    
John Smith’s duties terminated on this day.  
3 Feb 1875    
Mr William Leighton resigned this day the office of Assistant Master in this School
10 Feb 1875    
Mr Mark A. Reading entered upon the duties of Assistant Master in this School
15 June 1875    
Thomas Fox Certificated Teacher  
Mark A. Reading Assistant Teacher  
Cornelius Nock Pupil Teacher 1st Year  
18 Dec 1876    
Mr Joseph Jaquis entered upon the duties of Assistant Master in this School.
27 June 1876    
Albert Coley gave a lesson on the geography of India to the 2nd Class.
18 Jan 1878    
Abner H. Harris absent from School in consequence of illness.
3 July 1878    
The classroom has been improved by the removal of a wall
Thomas Fox Certificated Teacher of 1st Class
Joseph Jaquis Certificated Teacher of Class
Cornelius Nock Pupil Teacher of 5th Year  
Abner Harris Pupil Teacher of 3rd Year  
Ernest Brookes Pupil Teacher of 1st Year  
19-20 Sept 1878    
Mr Thomas Fox absent from school in consequence of illness.
23-27 Sept 1878    
No school owing to death of Mr Thomas Fox the head master.
1 Nov 1878 Diocesan Inspector’s Report
…. This School has been suddenly deprived of the very faithful service of a high principled and much respected Head Master.
4 Nov 1878 Commenced Duties as Head Master of this School
21 Feb 1879 Average for the week 186.  
16 June 1879    
Cornelius Knock commenced duties as Assistant Master (Ex P.T.)
19 Aug 1879    
Report of Her majesty’s Inspector
Mr Jaquiss has been the principal Teacher since the 30th Sept. 1878, the late principal Teacher Mr Thomas Fox having died on the 21st Sept. 1878
Joseph Jaquiss Certificated Teacher of the Second Class
Cornelius Nock Ex Pupil teacher Art 69  
Abner H. Harris Pupil Teacher 4th  Year  
Ernest Brookes Pupil Teacher of 2nd Year  
Charles E. Fox  ) Pupil Teachers of 1st Year  
Two Monitors.    
26 Sept 1879    
Number on books 297. Average attendance 199.9
26 Jan 1880    
H.M. Inspector’s Report  
The Boys School now unduly crowded…. Discipline is a little lax mainly I think on account of packing of the boys and the great want of classroom accommodation. When the contemplated alterations have been effected there should be no difficulty in producing a higher per centage of passes and better order….
10 Dec 1880    
H.M. Inspector’s Report
The Boys department in great need of additional classroom accommodation.
Jos. Jaquiss Certificated Teacher of Second Class
Cornelius Nock Assistant Art 60 & 70  
Abner Harris Pupil Teacher of 5th  Year  
E Brookes)    
C.E. Fox  ) Pupil Teachers of 3rd  Year  
W. Timmins Pupil Teacher of 2nd  Year  
25 Jan 1881
Mr C. Nock left for College.
31 Jan 1881
Mr W.J. Rees commenced duties as Assistant Art 79
26 Feb 1881
The new stove fitted in.
31 Mar 1881
Abner H. Harris completed his apprenticeship. Is kept on for a time as extra Assistant.
11 May 1881
Holiday owing to the funeral of the late Rev. Archdeacon Hone.
21 Nov 1881
Mr Albert Knott commenced duties here as Assistant.
9 Jan 1882
Summary of Inspector’s Report
The managers intend however to erect a new building during the coming year.
Jos. Jaquiss Certificated Teacher 2nd Class
Albert Knott Assistant Art 79  
C.E. Fox  )    
E Brookes) Pupil Teachers of 4th Year  
W. Timmins Pupil Teacher of 2nd  Year  
28 April 1882    
Mr Albert Knott finished duties here as Assistant Master
8 May 1882    
Mr John Frederick Bennett commenced duties here as Assistant Master.
App at Kings Cliff date of birth 15 Nov 1862
3 July 1882
Alterations to the School commenced.
17 July 1882
A trip to Portsmouth from the town. Attendance bad owing to it.
6 Oct 1882
The floors were put down during this and the preceding weeks.

3 Jan 1883
Summary of Inspector�s Report
Spacious new classrooms have been built during the last autumn and the additional accommodation which they afford will prove a great boon to the School. They had been long needed.
Joseph Jaquiss Cert. Teacher 2nd Class  
J.F. Bennett Assistant P.T. Art. 79  
C.E. Fox   )    
E. Brookes ) P.T. 5th year  
Wm Timmins P.T. 3rd year  
20 Feb 1883
Ernest Brookes left on the completion of his apprenticeship for situation under Rowley Board Schools.

6 April 1883
Chas E. Fox finished his apprenticeship as Pupil Teacher in School and commenced duties as Assistant ex P.T.

9 April 1883
Mr William Thomas Selfs commenced duties as Assistant ex P.T. from this date. Date of birth 24 April 1864. App at Catshill National, Bromsgrove Board.

18 July 1883
Inspectors Report

Nov 1883
Inspectors Report
Joseph Jaquiss Cert. Teacher 2nd Class  
J.F. Bennett Assistant  Art. 58  
C.E. Fox             do        do  
W.J. Selfs             do        do  
W. Baskerfield )    
W. Russell      ) Candidates on probation  
14 Dec 1883
William Timmins, Pupil Teacher having finished his apprenticeship left for Hanley Board.

18 Feb 1884

Visited the School for the last time. The gallery is a great improvement at the west end of the School. A stove is wanted in the large room at the west end. A Musgrave Stove combustion stove for burning coke would be very useful, price 30/-. The School is nice and quiet and there is evidently more discipline in the various standards. I am very sorry to have to leave these schools in which I shall always take a very deep interest. I hope all the teachers will be encouraged during the coming year, as I know that more than one of them had to work hard against ill helth and many other drawbacks arising from the state of the poorer part of the population in Halesowen ?I hope I may have a good report at the end of this year . A copy of the Inspector�s report will be sent to me at Lambeth. J.J.

21 Mar 1884
Four new desks arrived, remainder to follow.

3 April 1884
The new desks arrived (120 feet in all).

27 June 1884
Owing to spread of Epidemic, School closed by order of the Managers.

19 Aug 1884.
Mr Owen Parry appointed as Assistant Master commenced duties on Aug 25. Date of birth 26/9/65. Former School Dulas Nat.

29 Sept 1884.
Evening Art Class commenced.

13 & 14 Oct 1884
Annual Fair in town ?Half holiday given on both these dates.

19 Dec 1884
Mr W. J. Telfs and Mr Owen Parry resign their posts as Assistants here.
Jos Jaquiss Cert. Teacher of 2nd Class  
J.F. Bennett Assistant  Art. 60  
C.E. Fox             do        do  
Wilfred. Baskerfield P.T. of 2nd yr  
Walter Russell P.T. of 1st yr  
Jos Cole Turnley Candidate on probation  
5 Jan 1885
Mr R. Worthing commenced duties as Cert. Assistant but resigned on 7th without reason.

12 Jan 1885
Mr J. Adshead commenced duties as Cert. Assistant.

16 Jan 1885
Mr J.F. Bennett terminated his engagement at this date.

18 Mar 1885
Mr Breakswell commenced duties as Cert. Assistant.

20 Mar 1885
I hereby give up the charge of this School after 8 ?year�s service.

23 March 1885
[J.H. Carter] Commenced my duties as Headmaster. Examined the paper work which I found in a very backward condition owing no doubt in a great measure to the changes in the staff which have taken place the last few months.

23 April 1885
Altered the time table so as to arrange to have not more than one class at a time having noisy lessons in the large room.

8 July1885
Mr Breakwell resigned his post as Assistant Master.

13 July 1885
Mr W.A. Capewell commenced hisduties as Cert. Assistant. Attendance in the afternoon very small, many of the children staying to watch the laying of the foundation stone of the new Drill Hall.

16 & 17 Sept 1885
The attendance for some time past has been very bad. many of the boys being away hop picking. The poverty of the parents has also had a marked effect, many of the children being kept away on account of want of food or clothing.
27 Nov 1885
Distribution of Staff.
Standard 1st      Mr Adshead  
Standard IV      W. Baskerfield  
            III        Mr Capewell  
            II          Mr Fox  
            I           W. Russell  
15 dec 1885
Commenced a series of halfpenny dinners for the poorer children of the school to be continued throughout the winter months.

Summary of Inspector�s Report
The Boys School is now in the charge of a vigorous and capable young master who is efficiently aided by a strong staff of assistants. ?The lavatory about to be provided will it is hoped lead to greater cleanliness. The managers have recently erected a well devised set of offices in lieu of some unsatisfactory old buildings now destroyed. The condition of the closets needs daily attention on the part of the teachers & school keeper as all the boys have not acquired decent habits in using them.
Standards V, VI & VII Headmaster
Standard IV   Mr Fox
            III   Mr Capewell
            II   Mr Baskerfield & W. Russell
            I   Mr Adshead
26 Mar 1886
The dinners for the children finish today. Average 207.

14 Jan 1887
Mr F. Adshead terminated his engagement this afternoon.

18 Jan 1887
Mr Joseph Hargreaves (31/12/65) commenced duties as ex P.T.

28 Feb 1887
The Managers having kindly found us two cupboards, I have commenced with the assistance of the teachers and children to form a School Museum and Library.

18 Mar 1887
Contributions to the Museum are being steadily brought by the children. Average 262.

1 April 1887
Having gathered together sufficient books to make a beginning, I am opening the Library for the boys today.

10 & 11 Sept 1887
Halesowen Statute Far ?holidays each afternoon.

13 Sept 1887
In order to encourage the growth of meadow plants among the children, I am giving out to those who wish for them cuttings of common plants. These the children are to rear at home. The next summer I propose to hold a Flower Show at School and give prizes to those xchildren whose plants are best.
6 Dec 1887
J.H. Carter Headmaster  
W.A. Capewell Cert. Assistant  
C.E. Fox       )    
J. Hargeaves ) Ex P.T.  
W. Baskerfield P.T. 4 ½ yr  
W. Russell P.T. 3 yr  
W. McCaulay )    
J.H. Williams  ) Candidates  
5 Nov 1888
Boot club started. I assist the poorer children of the School.

18 Dec 1888
Mr Wm Baskerfield left to become Ex P.T. at Quinton National School.

31 Jan 1889
Mr Jas Hargreaves terminated his engagement at this school.

4 Feb 1889
Mr Albert Rhodes 5/10/61, Stourbridge Board, Winchester /88, commenced as Certified Assistant at this school.

14 Feb 1889
Halfpenny dinners for the children recommenced today.

8 Mar 1889
Mr Russell terminated his engagement at this school.

22 Mar 1889
Mr Capewell left to take charge of a school near Banbury.

26 Mar 1889
Mr George Smith 1/12/66 P.T. Tansley Nat. Peterborough, commenced his duties as Assistant. Average 274.

1 April 1889
Miss Jessie Grove 20/3/70 commenced her duties as Ex P.T. in this school.

1 July 1889
Children�s Flower Show.

5 July 1889
Mr Fox left today carrying with him the best wishes of all connected with this school who greatly respect him for his long and faithful services. Average 249.

19 Aug 1889
Mr Wm Walt. Farley 17/10/60, P.T. Mickleton Board commenced duties as Ex P.T. As I found Mr Smith incapable of managing the Upper Standards I have been compelled to place him with St 1 and take his class myself.
31 Oct 1889
Close of school year.
Average for year 259  
On books 312  
To present 299  
This closes a year of exceptional difficulty on account of the constant change of teachers.
J.H. Carter Headmaster  
A. Rhodes Cert. Assistant  
G. Smith Cert. Assistant  
W.W. Farley Ex P.T.  
J. Grove Ex P.T.  
W. McCaulay P.T. 2nd yr  
17 June 1890
Annual children�s Flower Show

25 Aug 1890
The new porch not having been completed, the work for the week has been under considerable difficulty.

Copy of Report
The boys premises have been greatly improved by the provision of some new windows, a commodious porch and additional doors.

6 Jan 1891
Recommenced the halfpenny dinners to the children

25 Mar 1891
I hereby give up my charge after 6 years service.

20 April 1891
Mr W.D. Abbiss began duties as headmaster. Miss Grove transferred to the Girls School.
Average 266.

8 June 1891
Miss A.V. Riley 4/1/69 began duties as Assistant Mistress.

30 June 1891
297 present in the morning.

3 July 1891
Average for week 284.3 the highest it has been for years.

30 July 1891
Closed School in the afternoon for mid-summer holidays. Average for week 280. Quarter 277. This is the highest average I believe ever sustained in this School.

24 Aug 1891
Mr George Smith resigned the post of Assistant Master. Mr Arthur Webb (1/3/72) of Clungerford School began in his place.

31 Aug 1891
Mr Rhodes terminated his arrangement...

22 Sept 1891
Still without an Assistant. I have now advertised five times.

1 Oct 1891
Three new desks brought into School.

8 Oct 1891
Mr Benjamin Briscoe 18/3/61 P.T. Poole Hill School, Dawley, Salop (British) Chester 1883-4 commenced duties as Cert. Assistant.

9 Oct 1891
Average for week 268. Still attendance affected by hop picking.
30 Oct 1891
End of school year.
W.D. Abbiss Headmaster  
Ben. Briscoe Cert. Assistant  
W.W. Farley Ex P.T.  
A.V. Riley do  
W. McCaulay 4th yr P.T.  
H.A. Webb Failed scholarship  
E. Hodgkins Candidate  
2 Nov 1891
Attendance very good. 295 am. 300 pm.

20 Nov 1891
School as usual. Boys brought in from Infants School and Hasbury.

5 Dec 1891
Average for the week 338.

31 Dec 1891
Messrs Webb & Farley terminated their engagements with the Managers.

11 Jan 1892
Re-opened School. Mr Allard Herbert Jones (9 May 1871) Saltley 1890-91 Lickey End, Bromsgrove, commenced duties as Certificated Assistant.

21 Jan 1892
Copy of Inspector�s Report 1891
Under a vigorous and skilful new master, the Boys School is at last making remarkable progress.

29 Jan 1892
The Penny Bank has this week been transferred from Lloyds Bank to the Post Office Savings Bank.

4 April 1892
Mr Walter Russell (3/9/70) P.T. Halesowen National School commenced duties as an Assistant Master. Average 301.

30 June 1892
Chas Willetts Std III received corporal punishment for cheeking and threatening two teachers.

20 July 1892
Fred Tibbetts received corporal punishment for truanting.

19 Aug 1892
W.H. McCaulay terminated his engagement with the Managers.

5 Sept 1892
A large number (26) of boys have left the district this morning for the hop district. 270 present.

16 Sept 1892
43 boys now hop picking.
4 Nov 1892
W.D. Abbiss Headmaster  
B. Briscoe Cert. Assistant  
A.H. Jones do        do  
W. Russell Cert. 1 yr  
A.V. Riley Ex P.T.  
W. McCaulay 4th yr P.T.  
E. Hodgkins 1st yr P.T.  
7 Nov 1892
A number of children having passed the standard of exemption ...

11 Nov 1892
Average for the week 341.

20 Dec 1892
James Wood Std I received corporal punishment for truanting.

31 May 1893
Miss A.V. Riley terminated her engagement.

2 June 1893
Mr B. Briscoe terminated his engagement to take the headship of Rodrington Nat. Sch. (Salop.)

5 June 1893
Mr J.G. Reay visited the schools. The school is now without three assistant teachers and is carried on with the help of monitors.

3 July 1893
Mr Albert Frank Chillock (5/3/71) P.T. Brockmoor National, Brierley hill, commenced duties as Assistant Master Ex P.T.

5 July 1893
325 boys present, 331 on books.

10 July 1893
Mr Alfred Ernest Swallow (P.T. Rowley Nat.) commenced duties as Assistant Master Ex P.T. (2/3/74)

21 Aug 1893
Mr Samuel Murray (9/10/73) P.T. Holly Hall Nat.commenced duties as Assistant Master Ex P.T. William Alfred Field commenced duties as Monitor.

31 Aug 1893
Mr A.T. Chitlock terminated his engagement to become Assistant in Boston Nat. School.

6 Oct 1893
Vernon Shilvock Std IV received corporal punishment for disobedience during writing lesson.

8 Jan 1894
H.M. Inspector�s Report
The School receiving the Higher Merit Grant 20/- per head? The Managers are to be congratulated on being able so largely to increase the space for the school�s playground? The following alterations must be made in the offices or the grant will be endangered under Art 85(a) of the Code. The lighting must be improved and their sanitary state attended to and the approaches must be made entirely separate from those to the girls?and infants?schools.
W.D. Abbiss Headmaster  
A.H. Jones Cert. Assistant  
W. Russell   do      do  
A.E. Swallow Ex P.T.  
S. Murray 4th yr P.T.  
E.C.C. Hodgkins 3rd yr P.T.  
W.B. Field 1st yr P.T.  
H. Hackett Candidate on probation  
22 Jan 1894
Mr Albert Enoch Powell 9 Sept 72 P.T. St Clements, Nechells, B�ham 1888-91, commenced duties as Certificated Assistant Master.

31 Jan 1894
Mr Jones terminated his engagement as certificated Assistant master.

20 Mar 1894
Parents of Ed. Pugh fined 5/- for irregular attendance.

6 April 1894
Mr Powell terminated his engagement to become Assistant master under the B�ham Board at a higher salary.
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