Winslow Vicarage Faculty 1863

Letter 7 Oct        Oxford Diocesan Papers c 1670\1

I Richard Suter of No 28 Fenchurch Street in the City of London architect and surveyor certify that I have surveyed the house and offices in the Glebe of the Vicarage of Winslow Bucks and that the same is old and dilapidated unable to be repaired and requiring to be wholly rebuilt and that there is no growing timber on the said Glebe nor any of the old materials in the present structure fit to be employed in the new works the old materials I estimate might fetch �34

26 Nov Permission from Bishop of Oxford to Rev Alfred Matthew Preston Vicar of Winslow for rebuilding residence house and offices

We the Rev John Wheeler Hayward Vicar of Grandborough in the county of Bucks and the Rev James Niven Vicar of Swanbourne in the said County of Bucks being two clergymen within the Diocese of the Lord Bishop of Oxford do hereby certify to the said Lord Bishop pursuant to the directions and instructions sent by him to us that we have made enquiry into the state and condition of the buildings upon the Glebe belonging to the Vicarage of Winslow within the said Diocese at the time of the Rev Alfred Matthew Preston, the present incumbent thereof, entered upon the said living which was in about the year of our lord 1863, and do find that the same have by wilful negligence been suffered to go to decay and that they have sustained damage from a want of common and ordinary repair to the account of �158 5s that is to say the vicarage house and premises, the amount of �130, and the buildings on the vicarage farm to the amount of �28 5s And we have also enquired into the money received by the said Rev Alfred Matthew Preston for dilapidations from the former incumbent and do find that he hath received the sum of �158 5s for such dilapidations and that the same hath not been laid out or expended in repairing the buildings upon the glebe belonging to the said living.
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